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Background Images

Because a picture is worth a thousand words

It's a fact that images make your website looks better, The Web Project include different ways to display images on your own project.

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Conent Areas

You have many ways to display your content

Text in a web site is everything, not only for humans, web robots need it too. With The Web Project you'll have different ways to include text content.

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Display Lists

Display a list of other pages, a good way to navigate

Display and link other pages inside your project, you can make your own lists with custom behavior like display videos, files or images instead just linking.

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A gallery of images is always necessary

Create a list of thumbnail images, then click on the images to see the full size pictures. Create as many galleries you need.

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Inlcude Google Maps in Your Porject

Google maps is a powerful tool where you can display maps and markers with information over specific areas.

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Background Video

Increase the quality of your web including video

Video is a recent and powerful way to show content in your web sites, The Web project include this option.

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Social Networks

This is the very important get in touch area

Create links to your social network, a share this page button, Facebook feeder or a comments area, basic social skills for your website.

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The Blog is included!

Make as many posts you want, filter your post by keywords and include comments to your posts.

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