Use images in a web site is indispensable, that is why I create different ways to do it.

You will be able to add as many images you need to support your text and make your site looks good, The Web Project for standardization reasons only use landscape images.

You will need to upload a good quality image, average 2500 pixels width, the system will resize, cut and locate the image depending the area where this needs to be displayed, it's important to say that every single image will have an ALT description area, this is important for google web bots images indexing.

Main Image Examples

ysanmiguel.com Background Image Logo

Images above is scrollable.
This image is static with text over the Image.

ysanmiguel.com Background Image Logo

Create a very cool effect on your images
using the Parallax option.

ysanmiguel.com Background Image Logo

Images can be full screen or column with
Use color filters to contrast with the front text.

ysanmiguel.com Background Image Logo

Content Plus Example

Images can be displayed in blocks.
You can add color filters over the images to contrast with the text color.

Or add effects to display content,
mouse over the next image to see the effect.

Text with hover eff on big screens!

Content with background.