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The Blog is included!

Blog is included in The Web Project but is optional use it.

Only one blog is included but without limit in the amounts of posts that you can create, filter the posts using tags.

As you can see in the example posts below there are two tags (demo, example) but only Post One has both, you can assign as many tags you want to your posts to filter the results.


demo, example

Example Post 2

Has ut esse imperdiet. Mucius facilis salutandi eos et, rebum abhorreant sadipscing eu eos, nobis semper intellegat te vis.

Published On:
Created By: ysanmiguel
Tags: demo
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Example Post 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, at mea sumo unum, mea eu mentitum detraxit, ut qui dictas ponderum hendrerit. Ex nec autem porro, an nisl indoctum nam.

Published On:
Created By: ysanmiguel
Tags: demo, example
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